Relojes Wittnauer, La Marca De Relojes Wittnauer se inició en los Estados Unidos en el año 1845 de la mano de dos inmigrantes Suizos. En sus inicios Wittnauer era el representante en los Estados Unidos  de las marcas De Relojes Agassiz, Audemars Piguet, Longines y Angelus.


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Wittnauer and Co. was formed in the USA by two Swiss immigrants, Eugène Robert and his Brother-in-law Albert Wittnauer, in around 1845. However in the NAWCC Bulletin, issue 311, pp 737, Bruce Sawkey states that the company was founded in 1872 by Albert Charles Wittnauer in New York when he joined forces with his brother Louis and J Eugene Robert.


The company was an agent in the USA for Agassiz, Audemars Piguet, Longines and Angelus. They also sold watches under their own name. These watches were either produced in their own Swiss workshops or used other Swiss movements made by companies such as Girard-Perregaux. Wittnauer also assembled movements in the USA from Swiss parts to avoid custom duties.


By 1890, Eugene Robert had pulled out of the company and the company was run by the Wittnauers and was called A Wittnauer Company. Louis died in 1899 and Albert died in 1908. The company was then run by Albert’s brother Emile until his death in 1916. From 1916 until 1936, Martha Wittnauer ran the company.


The stock market crash of 1929 and the following depression caused many problems for the company as sales of expensive Longines watches, which were their mainstay, were decimated.


The company was sold in 1936 to Hella Deltah Company and it was renamed Wittnauer-Longines and continued under this name until 1994, although the ownership changed to the Westinghouse Electric Corporation in 1970. In 1994, Longines and Wittnauer split and Wittnauer became Wittnauer International with it’s headquarters in Rochelle, New York.


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