Relojes Quinting, Una Exclusiva Marca De Relojes, que desde el año 1.993 produce Relojes Misteriosos, con esfera totalmente transparente.


Quinting has assumed a place in history by conceptualizing and creating the first transparent wrist-watch which is unique worldwide.


Quinting, founded in 1993, was the brainchild of four Swiss engineers, who set out to create unique watches with hands that appear to float in space with no visible means of being turned. After seven years of development by economist and engineer, Pascal Berclaz, the transparent Quinting chronograph was launched.


Quinting was able to produce the world’s first transparent watch because engineers were involved in its creation. They incorporated the time-honoured traditions of the watchmaking industry as well as engineering technology to ensure that the timepiece was unique. When the first transparent chronograph was produced it was welcomed with great success and honoured with the prestigious “Official Prize of the Revue des Montres in 1999”.


A transparent Quinting’s movement. The movement in sapphire that requires a high degree of precision and knowledge. The manufacturing process is a great challenge for the firm, which has had to overcome a number of advanced technical problems. With the exception of 7 parts, including the hands, all the components of the Quinting chronograph, numbering 230 and 26 sub-assemblies, are manufactured exclusively for this little marvel.


Essentially, each Quinting watch houses a patented sapphire movement that makes the watch transparent. If you study a complicated movement from a well- established brand, you will find that its movement is made from metal. The Quinting movement is made by superposing several thin-toothed discs of sapphire previously metallised and given an antireflection coating. This is a very complicated system of stationary and mobile sapphires. It must be immediately noted that such a watch could absolutely not be realized with an entirely “mechanical” movement, but it was certainly not easy to obtain it even by adopting an electronic solution that anyway has to use many sophisticated mechanical pieces.


Therefore, summing up, this watch might be considered a mechanical one electronically driven. Inside the external rim of the case four motors are hidden from view. From these motors, the hands are driven by a system of mobile sapphire crystals.


There are six transparent mobile sapphires – one each for the hours, minutes and seconds. Additionally, there are seven stationary sapphires which hold the assemblage together. The positioning of these glasses is extremely rigorous. The sapphire layers are placed at a distance of at least 0.08 to 0.1 millimetre.


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