Equipe is a new watchmaker from Detroit who just showed their debut collection at the 2010 Baselworld watch show in Switzerland. Many watchmakers today have a few models of racing or automotive themed watches. But, Equipe's entire line draws its inspiration from the mechanics of the automobile. Offerings carry names like the Hemi, the Dash, Octane, Balljoint, or the Rollbar, and bear design features that'll be instantly recognizable to any gearhead.

Each watch features a Miyota/Citizen Japanese quartz movement, surgical-grade stainless steel construction, water resistance to 100 meters and has its own VIN-style serial number. Best of all, most of the models are priced in the $299-599 range and each watch comes packaged in its own metal clad watch box which can be used to store watches, jewelry, extra straps, watch tools, or whatever you wish.


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