Relojes Daniel JeanRichard, Los relojes de Daniel JeanRichard tienen una fuerte personalidad, concebidos para una clientela que busca relojes originales y exclusivos.


La colección de relojes de Daniel JeanRichard, propiedad del grupo Sowind, a quien también pertenece la manufactura de Relojes Girard Perregaux, se articula en torno a cuatro líneas principales : TV Screen, Bressel, Chronoscope y Diverscope.


El Reloj TV Screen Lady, es un modelo realizado con caja de acero pulido y diamantes en la esfera.


Reloj con movimiento de cuarzo, sumergible hasta 30 metros, esta línea presenta esferas elegantes y deportivas a la vez.


Existe también una versión con esfera de nácar con 12 diamantes y bisel engastado también en diamantes.


El brazalete del reloj puede ser de piel de cocodrilo o de satén, a juego con las esferas, con cierre desplegable o brazalete todo de acero.


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In the late 17th century, young goldsmith apprentice Daniel JeanRichard (born in 1665) became enthralled with the world of watchmaking.


A meticulous perfectionist, JeanRichard was among the first to create machinery to make watch parts, and was instrumental in bringing watch production to the region of Neuchatel, Switzerland now famous for this craft.


Committed to creating superior timepieces, JeanRichard began training others as watchmakers and, for decades, produced fine pocket instruments.


Even after his death in 1741, his name and contributions to the field held steadfast and are well-documented in Swiss watchmaking journals.


In the early 1980s, Macaluso purchased the Daniel JeanRichard name and determined to set up production according to a strict code of excellence worthy of the legacy.


He brought the brand under the Sowind Group umbrella (which also owns Girard-Perregaux) and set up shop in La Chaux-de-Fonds.


The first Daniel JeanRichard watches made their debut in the early 1990s and, by 1996, the brand was sold in some of the world's key markets.


In 1998, Daniel JeanRichard introduced its striking TV Screen watch to the world.


Inspired by the 1940's television sets, the cushioned-square design was an immediate hit.


In 1999, Daniel JeanRichard unveiled a series of special limited-edition TV Screen Chronographs and Chronoscopes and established itself as a producer of top-quality sporty-chic timepieces.


With retro-inspired cases and fine movements, the brand had carved out a niche for itself and a strong signature look. In 2000, Daniel JeanRichard added the flyback chronograph and a GMT to its line and presented its first collection for women, the TV Screen Lady, in 2001.