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Relojes Marvin, La Marca De Relojes Marvin Watches - In the mid 19th century the Didisheim brothers, working from St-Imier, (Marc & Emmanuel) had a chance meeting with a wealthy American watch collector whose name was “Marvin”. Mr Marvin liked the watches that Dididheim were producing, and the brothers liked Mr Marvin by equal amounts they agreed to brand their watches Marvin.
In the early years of the 20th century the brand became increasingly popular and indeed during the First World War was very popular with soldiers and officers alike. Its simplicity of design and reliability set the standard for watches of this period.

Following the trends of the time, the Company Marvin offered new models. Advertising and communication became important tools; the concept of leisure time changed, cinema, sport, speed and precision spread.

The Marvin Company broke free of prejudices - left-handedness ceased to be frowned upon. Marvin offered models designed specifically for left-handed people.
At that time, the range comprised three different product lines.
The first line is designated by the triple-pointed crown atop the brand-name "Marvin" (the five-pointed Rolex crown did not appear until the start of the 20th century).

The second line is designated by a small star over the brand-name.
The third is called "Marvin".  iven the manual quality of its products, the Didisheim family manufactured not only the Marvin but also the Lancet and Prima watches (and for a short time, Rolex movements).

From 1940, the great-grandsons of the founders, Marc and Emmanuel, caused the Company to grow fantastically, in that the Marvin brand forged alliances with such major undertakings as KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines), and such famous car manufacturers as Ferrari, Mercedes, Jaguar, Fiat, MG, Chevrolet and Rover. By its centenary in 1950, the Marvin Company possessed a world-wide dealer network, stretching over 70 countries.  ountless famous personalities, including admiral Durand De La Penne (the " Hero of Alexandria") and the Formula 1 drivers Ascari, Manuel, Fangio and Sterling Moss, loved Marvin watches. But still, to this day, many prominent persons, such as for example Andrea De Adamich und Ezio Gianola wear Marvin watches on their wrists.
The Marvin watch is a typically Swiss product with a glamorous past that will also, in the 21st century, stand out from the mass through its simplicity and reliability


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