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Relojes Accurist, La marca de Relojes Accurist edita muchos modelos de relojes mecánicos con movimiento mecánico de cuerda automática con 21 rubies. La Marca De Relojes Accurist utiliza de forma frecuente componentes Suizos en sus relojes. También está utilizando cristales Swarovski en los brazaletes de algunos modelos, y tambien realiza muchos modelos con movimiento de cuarzo con una aceptable relación calidad-precio


The Accurist watch ranges released over the years have been diverse.  In 1999 they launched Accurist's youth orientated accu.2 range.  This was backed by a high impact advertising campaign and was an instant success. The watches are decorated with Swarovski crystals set in bracelet settings.


From their beginnings in 1946 Asher and Rebecca Loftus built the Accurist watch brand to be a worldwide brand reputed for their lasting value.  In the beginning Accurist watches were made entirely from Swiss components; a positive sales point that guaranteed quality, and which coupled with competitive pricing helped establish their reputation for value.

Accurist's biggest contribution to watch making was by introducing fashion into watches.  The Accurist brand endeavored to change the old way of thinking- that buying a watch is a one off purchase. Rather they created brightly colored watches that were trendy and matched the hip age of mini skirts and swinging sixties.  Famous icons such as Princess Anne, The Beatles and Twiggy were amongst the millions worldwide who wore the fashion timepieces.

Technology advances have been an important element of Accurist watches. They were the first watch company to actively promote the 21 JEWEL lever-movement and Accurist 21 JEWELS became the company slogan setting a standard in watches that was later to be followed by many others.   Again as testimony to their quality, Accurist s digital quartz watch was chosen as the official watch for the pilots of the Concorde aircraft.

When the world counted down the seconds to the start of the new millennium, they were counting down with an Accurist clock, the official millennium countdown clock located at the Greenwich Meridian Line.  This is testimony to the reputation that Acccurist watches have achieved in their 57-year history.

Accurist s marketing strategy has been to remain in the public eye and their UK and USA advertising campaigns have been award-winning productions.  In addition, Accurist has been the official sponsor of British Telecom's Speaking Clock receiving almost three billion calls.


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