Relojes Universal Geneve  Catálogo de Relojes Universal Geneve en la Tienda. La Marca De Relojes Universal Genève se fundó en el año 1894 en la Ciudad Suiza De Le Locle, en el año 1897 la marca fue originalmente registrada como Perret & Berthoud, y no fue hasta el año 1934 cuando se empezó a utilizar los nombres de Universal Watch Co. y posteriormente (o quizás simultaneamente) Universal Genève.


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Universal Geneve. This company came about from a failed partnership in 1894 between Numa Emile Descombes and Ulysse Georges Perret ( Descombes & Perret) in Le Locle. In that year they were awarded patent No. 8014 for a 12 and 14 hour watch with instantaneous jump mechanism.


This company was setup to make watch cases, dials and movements etc. In 1897 the company registered as Perret & Berthoud as a merger with Louis Edouard Berthoud after the death of Numa Emile Berthoud at the age of 34. Georges Perret and Louis Berthoud, and set up ‘Universal Watch’ in 1898.


The company specialised in complicated watches and chronographs. Shortly after 1917 the firm opened a head office in Geneva as that town was better placed to gain access to international markets. The company was suffering during the depression in the 1930’s. However they managed to secure a cash injection from a group of investors.


In 1933 Ulysse Georges Perret died and his son Raoul Perret had taken over the management of the company. In 1934 they exhibited as Basle for the first time under the new name of Universal Watch Co. Ltd. From this time they frequently signed watches Universal-Geneve


In 1917, they introduced the first wrist chronograph, in 1937 Universal registered a patent for the first chronograph movement with a 12 hour elapsed time counter. Later they also made the first Automatic Chronograph. The Company name changed again to Manufacture Des Montres Universal, Perret and Berthoud SA, Geneve in 1944.
Louis Edouard Berthoud died in 1947. During 1951 the Company was just listed as Universal, Perret & Berthoud SA.. In 1954 the Company name was again changed to Manufacture Montres Universal, Perret Freres SA, Carouge-Geneve.
In 1955 Universal patented the ‘micromotor’. This enabled them to produce the worlds slimmest automatic watch movements. The company went on to produce the worlds thinnest Quartz analogue movements of the time.


From 1967 the company left the Perret family hands as the family sold it to the Bulova group who kept it for 10 years. After this time the company was sold to a group of investors headed by Montres Universal S.A until they sold out in 1986 to the Stelex Group, an oriental holding company, and had been now known as Universal Geneve since 1973. . In 2002, Stelex is still the owner of this brand.


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