Relojes Suunto. La marca de relojes suunto comenzó la comercialización de relojes deportivos en el verano del año 2001, Suunto es una empresa especializada en relojes deportivos de altas prestaciones el catalogo De Relojes Suunto hoy es bastante extenso y llena muchos espacios dentro del reloj para el control del rendimiento.

Suunto Watches were established in the summer of 2001 in Minneapolis. Suunto watches are world-renowned for their high quality construction and design. The Suunto means precision and durability. Suunto watches provide an astonishing variety of accurate information, right on his coustmers wrist. And they're notoriously tough – all Suunto watches are extensively tested, and have proved their capacity to resist harm from scratching, impacts, and water. Suunto offers 2 or 3 year Full Factory Warranty on every watch. Suunto watches also provide the best consumer service on the internet.


Suunto Vector Watch
Suunto Vector is best selling brand of Suunto watches. The watch that initiated it brand of all! Suunto's original Wrist Computer, the Suunto Vector changed the appearance of sport watches everlastingly with its groundbreaking blend of features, including altimeter, barometer, electronic compass, digital log book and watch.Suunto Vector Introduced in 1998, the Suunto Vector was the first watch to make it to the summit of Mt. Everest. In addition, the Suunto Vector won the prestigious European outdoor award Product of the Year in 1999/2000. The Suunto Vector is a great watch for anyone looking for a high quality general-purpose sport watch at a reasonable price. Suunto vector is available in the market only $ 200.


Suunto T6 Watch
Suunto T6 is private training software with watch. The Suunto t6 is one of the most exciting new Personal training devices to hit the health and fitness market this year. Suunto T6 skin texture a black case, white cover, peach display, and a black elastomer strap. Suunto t6 has uses mostly in sports such running, cycling, spinning, Nordic skiing, triathlons and more. The Suunto t6 has a medium chest strap (24-34.5") for the heart rate buckle. The Suunto t6 now include a free training DVD from Carmichael guidance Systems. Price of Suunto T6 is only $ 400.


Suunto T4 Watch
The Suunto t4 is another outstanding adding to Suunto's rising line of fitness wristop computer. Skin texture of the t4 extends far outside just a simple heart rate monitor and calorie counter. The t4 also monitors the "training result" of workouts, analyzing presentation heartbeat by heartbeat, and the development of the body's aerobic conditioning with a simple one – to – five scales. The Suunto t4 case color is black and its strap color is black and white. Suunto T4 design for both mans and woman’s. The price of Suunto T6 is only $200.


Suunto T3 Watches
Suunto T3 IS Another high class exercise watch model of Suunto watches. it design is very stylish and beautiful it design especially for females and juniors The Suunto t3 is more than just a heart rate monitor, it helps you maximize the results of it user routine by provide up to the second information on the "Training Effect" of his workouts. Training result operate it user heartbeat by heartbeat performance and uses a simple scales to display the improvement of its user aerobic training. At its spirit the Suunto t3 is a more reasonable version of the Suunto t6. The t3 displays not only your heart rate and real time calories used, but can display and track you speed and distance if you pair it with one of Suunto wireless peripheral observation devices or "Pods") for bicycling or running. The t3 comes with an intermediate sized (24-34.5") chest strap for the heart rate belt. The price of Suunto T3 is only $160.


Suunto T1 Watches
The t1 is the 'fundamentals' model in the Suunto t-Series. It monitors it user real-time calories used, provides 3 flexible hear rate zones plus a heart rate limit alarm if he is over-exerting, and includes a stopwatch. It has also the typical watch functions (time, date, and weekday) and a dual time display, backlight, and a distinct daily alarm. The t1 is the most reasonably priced model in the Suunto t-Series, and its cheap price reflects the absence of certain wonderful features that you'll find in Suunto's other personal training watches. The new flourishes to the t-Series also have identical wristbands in various styles, a smaller face than most other Suunto's, and a sleeker overall design. The Suunto t1 comes with a average sized (24-34.5") chest strap for the heart rate belt. Sunnto T1 is available in black, coral and light olive color. Suunto T1 price is only $125.


Suunto X9i Wrist Watches
Suunto X9i is a new and superior edition of Suunto X9. Suunto X9 voted "Best Product of 2004" by Fortune periodical. Now offered in two colors, the X9i combines GPS functionality with an Altimeter, barometer, compass and thermometer. All these instruments, filled into a single watch. The Suunto X9i is well-matched with digital Mapping services international. The X9i features a new USB charger and PC connector so we can charge through our PC (no more cradle). Suunto X9 i come in Black and Tan color. Suunto Observer  | Suunto Core | Suunto D6 | Suunto D4 | Suunto D9 | Suunto Vytec | Suunto Vyper | Suunto Gekko


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