Kintarou Hattori established in 1881, Hattori Watch and Jeweler in Ginza, Tokyo. In 1892, a manufacturing division was separately established as Seiko-sha, meaning craftsmanship.. Kintarou Hattori began the large-scale manufacture of clocks and later watches in Japan during the 1880’s (reports vary on this date). Before 1875 no clocks or watches were made by modern methods in this country about then the first clocks, modeled after the American Seth Thomas clocks, were made. Most of the clocks made in Japan earlier then this were one of a kind and hand made. Nearly all factory made Japanese clocks of the period, from this early beginning and later, bear strong similarity to Connecticut made clocks such as Seth Thomas though it is unlikely that Seth Thomas licensed it’s designs to Hattori. During the time of the turn of the century, there were a few other mass producers of Japanese clocks, all very similar to those made in Connecticut. At some time Seikosha were part of the Aichiken Clockmakers Union


In 1917, Hattori Watch and Jeweler was organized as a company with the two firms.
The Seiko brand name first appeared on watches in 1924. In the course of 1937-1942, the group was separated into three companies: Hattori Watch and Jeweler, Daini-Seiko-sha (known as Seikosha) and Yamato engineering. Daini-Seiko-sha and Yamato engineering mainly produced watches.


During the WW II Seikosha provided large numbers of watches and clocks for the Japanese Military. These included a marine chronometer based upon the Ulysse Nardin two-day chronometer. Though they only made less than 600 of these chronometers, they proved to be very accurate and reliable.

It is a bit difficult to say when Hattori dropped the trademark "Seikosha" from their dials. After WWII, Hattori restored and rearranged their construction. About this time, they changed their brand name completely to SEIKO instead of Seikosha. However, as they still had huge stockpile of watch parts and clock parts, they still produced some watches and clocks with "Seikosha" brand after WWII. To make a rough estimation, they produced "Seikosha" brand watch and clock until 1950.


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