Los relojes Riedenschild montan mecanismos automáticos y de cuarzo suizos así como mecanismos japoneses automáticos y de cuarzo.


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In 1950 the watch making company of Eichmuller was founded in Munich, Germany. In 2004 a new brand of Riedenschild was formed and the company moved into a new expanded production center.

Unlike most other companies in the affordable mid price range who farm out their production to Asia, Riedenschild precision instruments are all hand made in Germany. Riedenschild firmly believes that you should be able to own a high quality watch and know it was hand made and that it secured a working place for at least one employee. That is something that is truly unique in today's world.

In addition to hand assembly, Riedenschild employs the latest computer technology in the design process of every timepiece. Prototypes are then made (takes about 3-4 months), parts and individual pieces are then ordered upon approval. Everything is then hand assembled and constantly checked for quality in their new production center.

Due to increasing market awareness and growing customer loyalty, Riedenschild has added eight additional watchmakers since 2004. The company is relatively new in the United States and it has just begun increasing its presence here with some exceptional watches at highly affordable prices. Sure to be big hits are the Darksea Diver, the Swihanic, and the sporty GrandPrix chronograph among others.  


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