NauticFish Watches was established in 1998 with the purpose of developing and producing special waterproof watches.

The goal of our technicians was to develop waterproof watches which are suitable for professional applications as well as for leisure activities. In cooperation with professional institutions, Expert Dive teams and law enforcement officials unique time pieces were created.

For the complex tasks of the manufacturing only Master Watchmakers are employed.

NauticFish Watches are Specializes in waterproof tests and basis examinations.

We are in the unique position to accomplish these high pressure examinations and load test in our high pressure-technical Facility which allows testing up to 10.000 meters.

This is enables us to test the maximum permissible load borders of our watches. In addition, basic parameters, like the course behavior and the accuracy of the clockwork, are controlled and adjusted if necessary.

The search for a combination between a professional watch and aesthetic design led to the design of the One Thousand.

The stainless steel case of the One Thousand captivates with its architecturally adapted profile. The One Thousand watch model receives its unmistakable and remarkable appearance.

The NauticFish One Thousand watch is equipped with a 45 mm. Stainless steel housing and a 4 mm. sapphire crystal.

For the professional employment (when bell diving) the "NAUTICFISH ONE THOUSAND” is provided with a helium valve( Similar of the Omega Seamaster Professional). This serves the diver for the decompression For the NauticFish One Thousand watch and for the Diver Advance we use Automatic Mechanical Movements from ETA (Swiss Made Calibre), Sellitta (Automatik Sellita SW200) or Schaumburg Calibre (Dubois Depraz calibre 2040). The dials have stamped, shining hour marks and hands using Super Luminova.


by Nauticfish watches 


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