Relojes Minerva se fundo en el año 1858 y a partir del año 1887 empezaron a comercializarse los Relojes Minerva como una Marca Registrada. La Marca Minerva dejo de fabricar relojes en el año 1974. Ahora los relojes que podemos encontrar son piezas para coleccionistas y existen problemas para poder localizar los repuestos y fornituras para su antiguas maquinarias.


Minerva was founded in 1858 and in 1887 they registered the "Minerva" trademark. This was followed in 1898 by the "Ariana" and "Tropic" marks plus 2 Chinese marks for watches and parts, boxes and packaging.


At the start of the 20th Century they were exporting to New York as Robert Freres, Fabrique Minerva. By 1906 they were trading as Robert Freres, Fabrique des Faverges . A 1916 advertisement listed the Company as offering "precision Horology from perfected mechanical procedures." They had levers and cylinders, special calibers, chronograph counters and sports counters cased in gold, silver, gold plate or other metals. This advertisement – with additions was repeated over the years.
The most up to date listing mentioned is in 1974.


Brand or Model names used.
Ariana, Arval, Bahnzeit, Faverges, Herta, Hertha, Majex, Mare Nostrum, Mercure, Tropic, Villeret…


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