German Made Maximilian watches synchronize themselves with the atomic clock in the U.S. that is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. This feature is made possible by a radio system set up and operated by NIST — the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The NIST operates radio station WWVB, which is the station that transmits the time codes. Each watch contains an extremely small and relatively simple antenna and receiver to decode the information in the signal and set the watch's time accurately.

These watches automatically set themselves and precisely synchronize with the NIST time signal each day. The technology also performs internal checks to calibrate the quartz oscillator and maintains extraordinary accuracy, even when the signal is not received every day. This feature ensures continued accuracy and synchronization even when traveling for some time outside the reach of the transmitter. The watch adjusts itself automatically and changes to summer and winter time by radio command.

Maximilian is part of the Pointec watch group in Germany that also makes Junkers and Graf Zeppelin watches.


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