Laco company was established in 1872 by Colonel Johann Kottmann and further developed by relatives, Charles, Ernst and Rudolf Kottmann, through to 1944.

Throughout its history the company has registered several names with various snall differences:


Langendorf S.A.
Societe D'Horlogerie de Langendorf, Uhrenfabrik Langendorf, Langendorf Watch Co. Fabrique D'Horllogerie De Eta Langendorf,
Lonville Watch Co. Lonville Watch Co.(New York)
Lanco, Lanco Swiss Watch Co (GB )Ltd.


At the beginning of the 20th century they ventured into America and Langendorf were imported by American Swiss Watch Co who in 1915 were reported out of business. An advertisement in 1916, which showed a picture of there factory in Langendorf, said that they employed 1,500 workers and produced 3,000 pieces daily. By 1920 they were also producing alarm clocks.

In 1924 there was a branch at Lommiswyl and the following year an agency in Le Chaux De Fonds. Many of the watches were produced for export and to save paying duty they were cased by the country importing them, this applied to the U.S.A. where competition was keen A 1959 advert boasted a "Mighty new factory for Lanco to be completed this year". Listing continue until at least 1986.


Brand/model names used:
Aliada, Barracuda, Botofogo, Broadway Limited, Carex, Cavalier, Colorado, Conversival, Corvair, Elitas, Eldorf, Fon, Fone, Fono, Golde Gate, Grandt, Gretchen, Isotechnic, Laco, Lancet, Lancoeconomic, Lancofon, Lancofono, Lanco-matic, Lancophon, Lancophone, Lancophono, Lancora, Lancyl, Larex, Lasco, Lawrex, Laxico, Lizano, LWC, LW Co., Pacific, Stratford, Transpacific, Valogene…


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