Relojes Kienzle, La Marca De Relojes Kienzle fue creado por el famoso relojero  Johannes Schlenker en el año 1822, Durante la Segunda Guerras mundial, Relojes Kienzle creo un amplio catálogo de relojes de uso Militar. Kienzle was the end product of a company set up by Johannes Schlenker, a master clockmaker from Schwenningen in 1822. Kienzle is still going strong today.
Sometime in the mid 1800’s Christian Schlenker took over from his father Johannes. In 1883 the control of the company was passed on to Christian’s son, Carl Johannes Schlenker with his Son-in-law Jacob Kienzle. Christian died in 1885.


The original company was first formed to hand produce domestic clocks, and has continued to produce clocks and movements since then. In the late 1880’s the company also started to produce watches. They used the ‘Schlenker & Kienzle’ name on these watches. By 1893 they were making 162,000 watches a year.
The partnership between Carl and Jacob obviously did not work well as Carl went to Bohemia in 1887 to set up another factory.


In 1894 Kienzle issued it’s first American style drum alarm clock. About this time the Black Forest clockmakers were starting to copy the cheaper American imports so that they could compete with them. This also had the unfortunate consequence, that the small Black Forest companies that hand assembled clocks started to go out of business due to less profits on lower priced goods.
In 1897, Carl left and set up on his own and in Jacob Kienzle became the sole owner of the company in 1898 and continued to guide the company to steady growth. It is assumed that it is about this time the company name was changed to ‘Kienzle’. By 1898 Kienzle was producing 470,000 clocks a year (the second largest clock company in Germany at that time, and by 1908 production was up to 2,350,000 clocks a year! The company were well known for all types of clocks including their specialty, 400 day clocks.


Watch production also kept rising and by the turn of the century they were producing more than a million watches a year, and by the First World War they were up to 4.5 million watches a year. In 1913, the Kienzle company bought out the ailing C Werner clock company.
Between the wars, as with most industrialised countries, times were hard and many mergers took place to keep companies profitable and viable. In 1929, Kienzle merged with Thomas Haller and in 1931 they merged with Deutsche Uhrenfabrik AG otherwise known as DUFA, in Leipzig. During this time Kienzle were still expanding their ranges to try and be competitive in all the markets. In the 30’s they released their first wristwatch and made it a cheap and reliable pin-pallet design that was able to be sold at affordable prices.


During the Second World War, as well as producing clocks and watches for the armed forces, Kienzle were also producing ‘Message Centre Clocks’. These clocks were in wooden boxes and designed to be put on a table or hung in the radio truck


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