Relojes Junkers, La Marca de Relojes Junkers está especializada en Relojes De Piloto y otos tipos de relojes de carácter retro o de tipo Vintage, El Grupo PoinTEc entre otras marcas es la titular de los Relojes Junkers.


Junkers Watches is well known in Europe and the U.S. for their high performance watches that are extremely affordable with amazing quality and ruggedness. They are very reliable too. It is very rare to have any problem with a Junkers watch.

Every model in the Junkers Watches line has some connection to the aircraft designed by Hugo Junkers in the early age of aviation. Hence the naming of the various model series such as Cockpit JU 52, IronAnnie JU 52, Flight World Records G3, etc. One example would be the Corrugated Sheet JU 52 models. They all have corrugated dials reminiscent of the corrugated metal sheet  used on the JU 52 airplane (shown at left). It is a very unique dial that is pretty much exclusive to Junkers.

Junkers uses stainless steel, and lightweight titanium for its cases and bracelets. Titanium is not only lighter than steel, but it is stronger too. It has a slight grayish cast compared to the stainless steel cases. Black PVD cases are increasing in popularity also.

Choose from mechanical (hand wind), automatic (self-winding), or precise quartz movements. Junkers uses Swiss, Russian and some Asian produced movements. 


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