Relojes Gucci, El Catálogo De Relojes Gucci incluye una amplia variedad de Relojes De Mujer y Relojes De Hombre, La Marca Gucci inicio su actividad en el año 1920, y desde entonces cada año saca al mercado una amplia variedad de modelos de moda con las últimas tendencias, incluyendo modelos de relojes para mujer y para hombre, el precio de relojes Gucci se mantiene dentro de la gama de precios que permite a sus clientes cambiar con frecuencia de reloj para adaptar cada modelo al estilo de sus clientes.


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The Gucci watch empire started from humble beginnings in 1920. Guccio Gucci opened a gucci watch shop in Florence featuring his fine leathergoods accessories for both men and women.

Soon after, he and his sons, Aldo, Ugo, Vasco and Rodolfo, spread the Gucci watch name to Rome and Milan and by the 1950's a gucci watch shop was opened in New York. Today, as part of the Gucci watch accessories range, Gucci watch collections are modern interpretations of the original classic style. Each watch is an individual commitment to both Swiss precision and good taste.

The signature G Series models feature stainless steel construction, scratch-resistant hard metal bezels in the G design, sapphire crystals and a variety of dial colors. Available in link bracelet with push-button double fold clasps or black patent leather strap, the G Series is offered in men's, women's and junior sizes. Truly the ultimate in timekeeping fashions – 'G' timepieces capture the art of watchmaking and style at their finest. Here at watchfinder we have experience in all areas of the watch industry.


Gucci Wrist Watches
Gucci was founded by the Italian Fashion Designer Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921. Gucci began his business from a small leather goods store. Gucci was creative and responsible man. In 1938, Gucci expanded his business and opened a boutique in the Rome. In 1947, Gucci created the Bamboo Handle bag that made the company popular. In 1953, After the death of the Gucci, His Son Aldo took charge of company. Aldo also expanded the business and the boutiques were opened in the London, Paris and New York. Gucci also produced shoes, apparel and other accessories. Gucci also started to produce the watches and acquired the watch license in 1997.

Gucci watches have reflection of the modern age and advanced technology. Gucci watches can wear with any kind of clothes, traditional or modern. Gucci watches are available in different case style, case color and in attractive, charming colors. Gucci have a wide range of watches.


Gucci G-Rectangle Series
Gucci produces Rectangle series watches for the men in different color and design. These watches have the stainless steel bracelet, leather strap and quartz movement.


Gucci G-Round Chorono
G round watches have the glimpse of fashion and technology. It is available in different colors, case design, stainless steel bracelet, leather straps and different attractive dial back colors. Gucci produces G round watches for both men and women in different case design and colors.


Gucci G-Mini Series
G-Mini series watches prove the innovative spirit of the Gucci. It has the Swiss made quartz movement and the water resistant. These watches have the different dial colors with diamonds. These watches are available in stainless steel bracelet, leather straps,


Gucci Round Bangle Series
Gucci also produces the stylish watches. These watches have Swiss made quartz movement, water resistant to 30 meters and stainless steel case. Diamonds are also use in these watches.


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