Fromanteel es una marca de relojes nueva y el nombre se ha recuperado 400 años después de su creación, el Catálogo de Relojes Fromanteel es un símbolo en una nueva era de los relojes de alta calidad. El Precio De Los Relojes Fromanteel recogen un poco de la historia de la Marca y se ajustan al diseño de su propio carácter. Los Modelos de Relojes Fromanteel son de diseño elegante, y cada modelo cuida el detalle con un ligero aire de los clásicos relojes vintage.


Fromanteel Watches is a new brand situated in Herengracht 142, 1015 BW Amsterdam. The name is now, 400 years later, a symbol for a new era of high quality timepieces. Each Fromanteel watch has a story and a character of its own. Fromanteel watches are stylishly designed, with an eye for detail and an vintage design.

As the name Fromanteel has been chosen by the designers as a symbol for their love for watches, they decided to bring out their first collection in an unusual number of 85 limited numbered watches (85 timepieces of ‘Day’ and 85 of ‘Night'). Out of respect for the pioneer Ahasuerus Fromanteel.

Ahasuerus Fromanteel was born in 1607 in England of Dutch ancestry. After being trained as a clockmaker and working for years as a member of the Clockmakers guild in England, he focused in 1658 , together with his son John Fromanteel, on the perfection of the pendulum clock – an invention that just was claimed by the famous Dutch physicist Christiaan Huygens.

After a feud with the English Clockmakers guild, Ahasuerus Fromanteel decided to permanently move to Amsterdam where he and his sons John, Abraham and Ahasuerus II started a workshop at the Vygendam, now called the Dam square. In the heart of Amsterdam.

In 1693, Ahasuerus Fromanteel reached the respectable age of 85 years. Unfortunately he dies shortly after this, leaving a dynasty of renowned clockmakers behind.

A Fromanteel watch has a story that only the wearer can tell: the story about the history of the name, its origin and the fact it is a limited edition. Fromanteel watches are subtle, stylish and only the wearer himself knows it fits his personal taste and style.

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