Relojes Dievas, La Marca De Relojes Dievas: The Dievas Watches line is designed with watch enthusiasts and collectors in mind, by fellow enthusiast Anders of Gnomon Watches in Singapore, who personally sources for the cutting-edge technology and quality components that go into the creation of every timepiece. Collectors will appreciate their superior crafting and distinctive quality, put together with Anders discerning attention to craft and detail – especially the vintage models.
And, speaking of new technology, the Dievas military-inspired Noble and Endurance models feature top-of-the-range GTLS (Gaseous Tritium Light Sources), made with Swiss company MB-microtec’s superior trigalight® technology, considered the industry gold standard in Tritium illumination. Unlike luminous substitutes used in other watches that require external light sources to recharge themselves, the Tritium gas vials found in the Dievas Endurance are self-powered and require no external energy source. An unprecedented total of 18 Tritium tubes (compared to the industry average of 15) irradiate the dials of the the Endurance with a unique blue glow, which allow for unparalleled readability in dim light conditions or in total darkness.

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