Relojes Concord,  La Marca De Relojes Concord, A principios del siglo XIX en Bienne, Suiza, dos jóvenes relojeros fundaron la Marca de Relojes Concord en el año 1908, emprendieron la tarea de crear relojes que no sólo mostrasen una belleza y artesanía excepcionales, sino un movimiento que permitiese un diseño de la caja más libre. En 1915, su gran talento trabajando con piedras y metales preciosos les llevó más tarde a la producción de los primeros relojes de lujo con sello propio. Con los años, los relojes Concord, (que fueron elegidos como regalo oficial del presidente de los Estados Unidos a otros jefes de estado), se han convertido en los relojes diseñados exclusivamente para llevar en los momentos de la vida más señalados.

Concord was founded in Bienne, Switzerland, in 1908, by two young Swiss craftsmen who shared an ambition to create watches of beautifully thin proportions. Early in the century, Concord designs were frequently selected by Cartier, Tiffany and others among the world's finest jewellers as their own private-label timepieces. In 1979, Concord earned worldwide renown as the company that pioneered and perfected the ultra-flat Swiss quartz movement with the Delirium, the thinnest watch in the world. Concord continues to set new standards for watch making sophistication with it's spectacularly jewelled, one-of-a-kind creations like the Saratoga Splendours, handcrafted tourbillion timepieces of unsurpassed technical complication and mastery.

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Concord Watches
The Concord watch company was founded in Switzerland in 1908 which makes it nearly a century old company. They started making clocks in the 1920s and their designs became very famous. One of their early pieces was the Concord Ring Clock. The company was later bought by an American businessman Gedalio Grinberg and turned it into North American Watch Corporation in 1969. Concord produced the world’s slimmest watch, The Delirium. They also produced sports watches the Mariner sport and the Saratoga in the 1980s. They latterly introduced solid stainless steel watches. The company then produced luxury watches in which 18 karat white gold or rose gold is used. Concord luxury watches are very popular due to their elegance and attraction.


Concord Mariner Quartz
The concord mariner quartz has a beautiful shape. It is one of the luxury watches of Concord. Mariner is an ultra flat sports wrist watch for men. It has a unique design with 12-sided bezel. It possesses Swiss quartz automatic movement. The case and bracelet is made from a unique combination of stainless steel, 18k gold and steel/gold. It comes with a white dial. Mariner is also available in black dial. Sapphire crystal is also used in this watch. The watch is water resistant as well. Concord Mariner also comes in other fascinating styles and attractive colors.


Concord Delirium
The Delirium series is distinctive luxury watch because of its shape, look and design. It has a rectangular shape and the edges are slightly angular to give a very smooth effect. The case is made from 18 karat white, yellow or rose gold and sapphire crystals with a black strap. It has quartz movement with brilliant diamonds. Concord Delirium is beautiful wrist watch which is water resistant and is solely for the gents. The watch also comes with dials other in shapes.


Concord Bennington
The concord Bennington dress watch is made from 18 karat gold case. Its slim case makes it more beautiful. The watch contains a silver Roman numeral dial with a chronograph. The strap is genuine crocodile. The movements are Swiss. Other models in the Bennington range include stainless steel bracelets and rectangular dials. The watch is water resistant.


Concord Carlton
The Concord Carlton series is an exclusive sports series. These watches can also be used as dress watches. All the watches in this series are made from stainless steel and the cases and bracelets are also from the same material. These are also available in yellow gold. The dial color varies between blue, grey and white. The Carlton possesses Swiss quartz movement with sapphire crystal. The watch comes with chronographs. Diamond models of Concord Carlton are also available.


Concord La Scala
Concord La Scala is a beautiful watch with geometric angles and curved shape which make it more prominent. Its retro design elements create a classic elegance look. It is available in stainless steel case and in 18k golden case. Every watch of this category is unique in its design and shape. It comes in golden color, as well as in steel color. Golden colored watch comes with brown leather strap and the other come with stainless steel bracelet. La Scala comes with different colored dials like white and gold. Sapphire crystal is used in their manufacturing. These beautiful watches are water resistant.


Concord Saratoga
Concord Saratoga is one of the most innovative and successful sport luxury watches ever manufactured by Concord. Its 8 sided bezel makes it distinctive from others. Saratoga is available in stainless, 18k gold, steel/gold and steel/rubber with bracelet made of the same material. The watch also contains chronograph. Concord Saratoga has Swiss quartz movement with sapphire crystal and is water proof.


Concord Sportivo
Concord Sportivo is a modern designed wrist watch. It has a classic rectangular shape with a beautiful face. Although it is a luxury watch, but it can also be used as a sports watch. Beautiful diamonds and sapphire crystal are used in the manufacturing of this elegant watch. The case of Concord Sportivo is made of solid stainless steel with bracelet. The watch is available in different dials with different fascinating colors. It is a best choice for the men who like to be looked modern. All the models of Concord Sportivo offer water resistance. Some models of Concord Sportivo also contain chronographs.


Concord Soiree
Concord Soiree is very beautiful and attractive ladies’ watch with modern and contemporary shape and design. The watch also give a classic look. The case and he bracelet is made of 18k white gold elegantly adorned by diamonds. It has an attractive oval shape. The case contains two hour markers with numerals at 12, 3, 6 and 9 hours. Concord Soiree is also available rectangular shape. The watch offers water resistance.


Concord Veneto
Concord Veneto is a classically designed watch made for men. The case and the bracelet are exclusively crafted with 18k gold. The watch contains a white dial with a diamonds on sides. Its bracelet is very comfortable and complexly designed, which presents a flawless look of elegance. Diamonds gives an incredible look to the watch. The watch is available round and rectangular in shape with golden and silver colors. Concord Veneto possesses Swiss movement with sapphire crystal and is water resistant.


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