Based in Belgium, Chotovelli & Figli is a family run business of three generations whose market is European whilst distribution is currently being finalized in the United States.

The Chotovelli & Figli line of watches is particularly interesting as it is derived from a variety of retro timepieces paying homage to watches made in the 40s and 60s from army pilot watches to the very big dive watches.

This has led to the creation of lines like the Esercito to the Laacumalzione which answered briefs from family members and as a result created a unique, stylish and comprehensive range of watches to suit every person and at prices that look too good to be true if one looks at the attention to detail and quality that was injected into every piece.

From dress to classic time wear the Chotovelli & Figli watches are high fashion combines with current trends and accurate timepieces.


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