Precios Catálogo Casio  El Reloj Casio G-Shock, la estrella indudable Del Catálogo De Relojes Casio, ha pasado de ser considerado un reloj barato, a ser un reloj con especificaciones técnicas de alta calidad a bajo coste, prueba de ello es que, algunos modelos de su Catálogo se han incorporado como relojes militares, de uso muy frecuente por parte del ejercito, por su gran resistencia a los impactos, por su fiabilidad horaria, y por muchos otros motivos técnicos que lo convierten en un reloj polifacético, y por supuesto El Reloj de su segmento con el mejor precio.

Una de las últimas novedades del catálogo de Relojes Casio G-Shock ha sido el Modelo GW9200

Casio G-Shock GW9200 multi-band incorporate July 2008 Price: US$ 260:

6 Band Atomic Time Sync
Barometer (air pressure range 260 to 1100 hPa)
Altimeter (-700 to 10000 m)
Thermometer (-10 ℃ to 60)
Stopwatch (1 / 100 seconds, 24 hours, with a split)
World Time (33 world cities, 29 time zones)
Countdown Timer (24 hours max)
5 Alarms (1 with snooze)
Full auto EL light (with afterlight)
Tough Solar (large solar charging system)
Dimensions: 51.0mm × 48.9mm × 15.9mm
Weight: 60.9 gr.

Los Últimos Modelos Oficiales del Catálogo de Relojes Casio G-Shock:
AW-590 # AW-591 # DW-5600 # DW-6900 # G-7700 # G-9000 # GLX-5600 # G-2900 # G-300 # G-7500 # G-7710 # G-9100 # GS-1100 # GW-9010 # GW-9200 # AWG-100 # AWG-101 # GW-500 # GW-810 # GW-9000 # GW-9100 # MTG-960

Casio G-Shock Watches

All G-Shock watch models by Casio, have exceptional shock resistance and high water resistant specifications. Sophisticated functionality implemented by advanced technology is what distinguishes every G-Shock watch. With a wide range of models, there’s a G-Shock for everyone.

Watches information, price guides, comparisons and users reviews and rating for G Shock Watches

In 1983, Casio launched the shock-resistant G-SHOCK watch. This product shattered the notion that a watch is a fragile piece of jewelry that needs to be handled with care, and was the result of Casio engineers taking on the challenge of creating the world’s toughest watch. Using a triple-protection design for the parts, module, and case, the G-SHOCK offered a radical new type of watch that was unaffected by strong impacts or shaking. Its practicality was immediately recognized, and its unique look, which embodied its functionality, became wildly popular, resulting in explosive sales in the early 1990s. The G-SHOCK soon adopted various new sensors, solar-powered radio-controlled technology, and new materials for even better durability. By always employing the latest technology, and continuing to transcend conventional thinking about the watch, the G-SHOCK brand has become Casio’s flagship timepiece product.

The Good Design Award 2008 is Japan’s only comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system. It was first established in 1957. Casio’s G-Shock watch (G-SHOCK AWG-500-1AJF) was one of the winners of the 2008 Good Design Long Life Design Award.

The man led the project team of G-SHOCK's development said, looking back the beginning. In 1981, the project team came up with the idea of "Triple Ten", that is, to build an ultimate watch which has 10 years life, water resistance up to 10 atmosphere, and endures the shock even when dropped to the ground from 10 meters height.
Design of project team "Tough" by Mr. Nikaido. These illustrations are the final sketch of No. 5000 model decided through intensive brain storming in the planning phase. They reveal how high quality the team has persuaded. To develop a watch endure the shock of free fall caused by gravity — that was their concept. The name of the product "G-SHOCK" fully reflects the concept.

In 1983 the very first G-SHOCK was marketed under the product name "DW-5000C." Over 30 versions of the G-SHOCK have appeared on the market since; low-temperature proof models, mud-proof watches highly resistant to mud or dirt, versions with built-in temperature sensors, pressure sensors and other support features, a diver's watch and more.


Casio Watches

Since Casio introduced its first sports watch in 1986, it has been popular among top-runners worldwide due to its innovative technologies such as lap and split timing, as well as a record function, helping them achieve their best. Casio has released a variety of sports watches for different sports fields using Casio's original digital technology, receiving wide-spread, high acclaim from sports enthusiasts.

The Casio Company was started 1946 by Tadao Kashio. Understand that this was in Japan following World War II. The financial situation was dire in Japan at the time to say the least. When Mr. Kashio began his company, he was a fabrication engineer hoping to catch a big break.

His big break showed up in a very unique way. Tadao Kashio developed a product called the yubiwa pipe. Its design allowed it to be worn on the finger. It was used to hold a cigarette, allowing the smoker to smoke the cigarette to the filter, all while still being able to use both hands. In the impoverished Japan of the times, cigarettes were a hot commodity and the product was an overwhelming success. The yubiwa pipe is a far cry from the calculators and watches that were to follow, but it did start the company down the road to success.

Since it is obvious that Mr. Kashio was an inventive sort of man, it only took a little while for him to decide to explore different products. At the business show in Ginza, Japan in 1949, he discovered electronic calculators. With the proceeds from the sale of the yubiwa pipes, Mr. Kashio and his brothers began to experiment with making their own calculators. At the time, most calculators were run by the use of gears. With diligence and hard work, the Casio Company came out with the first calculator to use solenoids. The new type of calculator went on sale in 1954. This calculator also was the first to have the 10 digit keypad and had only one display window as opposed to the competitors' that had three.

As you well know, calculators weren't the only product manufactured by Casio. After the release of the Model 14-A calculator, many more products were designed and released to the general public. The same year as the release of the 14-A, the company also became the Casio Computer Co., Inc. This is about the time when watches from Casio first made their mark on the watch industry. Casio has been well known for the huge variety and innovation of their watches almost since the beginning of production. They were one of the first watch companies to manufacture the now famous quartz crystal watches. The quartz watches produced by Casio were available in both digital and analog styles. It is possible that the most well remembered watch produced by this company was the calculator watch. For those of you who don't remember, it featured all of the amazing time keeping capabilities of the regular Casio watches, with an added feature. It had a tiny calculator complete with miniature keypad built into the watch. During its hey day it was the bane of math teachers everywhere and the savior of every math deficient student.

Considering the calculator watch was so much fun, Casio continued to raise the bar. This company was also the first to design and produce a watch that could provide its owner with some interesting details. One such watch could display the time of many different time zones at the touch of a button. Others were equipped to give weather details like the temperature and barometric pressure. Mountain climbers of ages past particularly were fond of the version that came with a gauge to indicate the altitude. While other watch makers were stuck on the same old, same old, Casio consistently offered new and exciting variations on the classic wristwatch.

Jun.1957-14-A-all-electric compact calculator
Sep.1965-001-Electronic desktop calculator with onboard memory
Oct.1967-AL-1000-World's first desktop electronic calculator with program
Apr.1971-Typuter-World's first ink jet printer
Aug.1972-CASIO Mini-World's first personal calculator
May 1974-fx-10-Personal scientific function calculator
Nov.1974-Casiotron-First electronic wristwatch
Jul.1976-sigma-50ER-Electronic cash register
Dec.1976-CQ-1-First compound calculator
Jan.1978-CASIO Mini Card-First card-sized calculator (3.9 mm thick)
Sep.1978-31-CS10B-First wristwatch equipped with CASIO LCD
Jul.1979-sigma-8700 series-Japanese language office computer
Jan.1980-CT-201-First electronic musical instrument
Sep.1981-SL-801-Solar-powered calculator
Oct.1981-TR-2000-First Electronic Dictionary
Nov.1982-AQ-500-Analog watch (combination type)
Apr.1983-PT-50-Electronic keyboard with ROM pack
Apr.1983-G-SHOCK (DW-5000C)-Shock-resistant wristwatch
May 1983-PF-3000-First Digital Diary
Jun.1983-TV-10-First pocket LCD TV
Nov.1983-SL-800-Credit card-size calculator
Aug.1984-DB-1000-Databank wristwatch for handwritten data
Oct.1984-PV-7-Announcement of MSX-standard PV-7 personal computer
Nov.1984-CZ-101-Digital synthesizer with PD sound source
Mar.1985-FS-10-Ultra-thin digital watch
Apr.1985-LCS-2400-Liquid crystal shutter page printer
May 1985-TV-1000-Pocket-sized LCD TV
Jul.1985-HW-100-Personal Japanese-language word processor
Feb.1986-Data Cal Series-Calculator capable of processing text data
Mar.1986-SK-1-Electronic sampling keyboard
May 1986-SX1000 Series-Unix-based 32-bit super office computer
Jul.1987-DK-1000-Kanji Digital Diary incorporating organizer, dictionary, and calculator
Aug.1987-HW-7-Handy word processor capable of printing anywhere
Aug.1987-DG-10/20 MG-500/510-Electronic guitar with multiple tones and functions
Sep.1987-DA-1-Portable digital audio tape recorder
Sep.1987-VF-3000-Portable videocassette recorder with LCD TV
Nov.1987-VS-101-Electronic still camera
Feb.1988-CP-100-Handy copier capable of copying anywhere
Feb.1988-PG-380-Guitar with built-in synthesized sounds
Apr.1988-DH-100-Electronic wind instrument
Nov.1988-STING-Analog watch for youth market
Feb.1989-BM-100WJ-Digital watch with sensor for forecasting weather trends
Apr.1989-ADPS R1-Business computer requiring no user programming
Aug.1989-DK-5000-Kanji Digital Diary with IC card capabilities
Dec.1990-TV-M700-Car LCD TV with drive simulator
Mar.1991-Celviano-Digital piano with CD player
Apr.1991-Page Presto-High-speed page printer
Nov.1991-KL-1000-Nameland label printer
Dec.1991-DKW-100-Databank watch with built-in kanji dictionary
Feb.1992-BP-100-Wristwatch type blood pressure gauge
Mar.1992-AZ-8/SL-300LH-Arithmetic calculator for primary school students
Jul.1992-CV-1-Ultra-small (cigarette pack-sized) lightweight LCD TV
Nov.1992-JD-300-Digital Diary for kids with message communication function
Apr.1993-CPW-100-Wristwatch with digital compass
Jul.1993-CP-500S-Personal page printer
Sep.1993-PX-10-Word processor with built-in English-Japanese dictionary
Oct.1993-Z-7000-Portable information terminal for individual users
Mar.1994-NICOTO-Pager with two-way alphanumeric messaging
Jul.1994-VG-100-Household video printer
Nov.1994-FV-600-LCD projector
Dec.1994-Baby-G-G-SHOCK for women
Mar.1995-QV-10-Digital camera with LCD monitor
Mar.1995-MR-1-FM receiver with teletext capabilities
Mar.1995-CFG-9800G-3-color graphic scientific calculator
Apr.1995-RX-10-Pocket-sized Digital Diary with handwriting input
Jun.1995-NS-600/TV-M6000X-Car navigation system with teletext FM reception
Jun.1995-PA-100-Business-use portable information terminal with pen-input capability and large screen
Jul.1995-PH-100-PHS telephone
Jul.1995-Twincept-Wristwatch that displays text data on glass
Jul.1996-N4-High speed, low running cost color A3-size printer for business
Nov.1996-CASSIOPEIA (A-10/11)-Handheld PC with Windows CE (sales in North America)
Apr.1998-QV-5000SX-Megapixel digital camera
Jun.1999-PRT-1GPJ-World's first wristwatch with GPS sensor
Nov.1999-C303CA-Cellular phone with water and shock resistance
Mar.2000-WMP-1V-World's first wristwatch with MP3 Player
Jun.2000-WQV-1-World's first wristwatch with digital camera
Nov.2001-WVA-300-Radio controlled wristwatch powered by solar battery
Jun.2002-EX-S1-Digital camera thinest in the world
Nov.2002-The G-G-Shock with solar power and radio control function
Mar.2003-EX-Z3-Thin digital camera with 3X optical zoom
Oct.2003-Privia-Stylish and affordable digital piano
Jun.2004-A5406CA-World's first cellular phone with a built-in 3.2-megapixel camera
Sep.2004-EX-S100-World's smallest optical-zoom digital camera
Nov.2004-OCEANUS-Solar-powered radio-controlled watch with sporty design
Feb.2005-XD-LP7300-Electronic dictionary with high-resolution LCD and voice functions
Jun.2005-EX-S500-Card-size digital camera with high quality movie recording capability
Jul.2005-G'zOne TYPE-R-Cellular phone with water and shock resistance
Aug.2005-EX-Z500-Digital camera that compensates for camera shaking and subject movement
Nov.2005-OCW-600/OCW-10-OCEANUS five-motor chronograph watch
Nov.2005-EX-S600-Thin card-size 6.0-megapixel digital camera
May.2006-EX-Z1000-10.1-megapixel compact digital camera
May.2007-W52CA-Waterproof, one-seg compatieble cellular phone
May.2007-W53CA-EXILIM cellular phone with 5 megapixel camera
Jun.2007-OCEANUS Manta-Slim solar-powered radio-controlled watch in full-metal case
Jan.2008-W61CA-Waterproof, one-seg compatible cellular phone with 5.1 megapixel camera
Feb.2008-EX-S10-World's smallest and thinnest 10.1 megapixel digital camera
Mar.2008-EX-F1-Digital camera with world's fastest burst shooting performance


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