Casio Baby G Watches 

Precios Catálogo Casio All Baby G-Shock Watch models have exceptional shock resistance and high water resistant specifications. Baby G watches come in great colours, have cool, textured bands, and are packed with useful features like World Time in 30 cities, a countdown timer, stopwatch and auto calendar–and multi-colour backlights. They also keep city temperatures and hold e-data. And of course, these aquatic beauties are shock resistant and water resistant up to 200 meters.

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Baby G Watches
Casio Watch Company produced the G Shock series of watches which had the latest automatic technology and had a tough look about them. That series for exclusively for the men so not to leave out the ladies Casio introduced its BabyG watch collection. BabyG watches are basically using the same G-Shock technology but with a feminine touch. BabyG watches are very popular among the ladies and numerous models and styles have been introduced over the years. The watches are reasonably priced to increase the buyer range. A few of the famous BabyG watches are detailed below.

Baby G BG1001 Series
The Baby G watch series named the BG1001 is a semi transparent jelly watch with features a digital display. It has the backlight feature also and is shock resistant. It also has an option for World Time. This watch is available in black, blue, white, pink and orange colours. These watches can be found on the internet at a price range between 70 and 100 dollars.

Baby G BG1222
The Baby G wrist watch series BG1222 has a unique type of LED which gives the numbers a 3D look. This watch is a must have accessory for the ladies who can wear this BabyG luxury watch on all social occasions. This water is shock resistant as well as water resistant. It can be set for up to 29 different time zones.

Baby G BG 184
The Baby G watch series BG 184 has a square face and comes in a resin band. This watch is available in seven bright colours. This watch features an afterglow LED display with a countdown timer, multi-function alarm, shock resistance and water resistance. Their transparent wrist band makes it look great with all different colours of clothing and can be mixed and matched to give a stylish look. They come packed in a very nice BabyG watch case made from Casio.

BG 180L4V Watch
The BG 180L4V wrist wear by Baby G is made of burgundy polyurethane/stainless steel square case and has digital dial with a red face plate. The BG 180L4V wrist watch is designed for ladies with a casual look and embedded with digital quartz movement. The BG 180L4V shock resistant watch is loaded with electro luminescent backlight, countdown timer and multi function alarm. The BG 180L4V digital watch features stopwatch, hourly time signal, auto calendar and 12/24 hour format. The BG 180L4V watch has stainless steel bezel and caseback. The BG 180L4V watch is water resistant to 100 meters. Baby G BG 180L4V digital watch’s case width is 3.5 cm and face height is 2 cm. Baby G BG 180L4V cheap and functional watch is priced for only $ 90.

BG 551E2V Watch
The BG 551E2V Watch is an analog/digital watch designed fro ladies. The BG 551E2V Watch has grey polyurethane case and stainless steel bezel and caseback. The BG 551E2V shock resistant watch has grey resin selector buttons and accents with animated dial displays running dog. Baby G BG 551E2V Watch features 20 page databank, city temperature, moon phase display, world time, stop watch, alarm and more. Casio donates the parts of the sales from this watch to Eco-Research Network project to improve global environment. The BG 551E2V Watch is water resistant to 30 meters. Baby G BG 551E2V Watch has black textured resin band with a metal buckle. The BG 551E2V cheap watch is priced for only $ 100.

BG 1801V Watch
The BG 1801V Watch by Baby G has polyurethane square case and digital dial. The BG 1801V casual sports watch is designed for ladies for outdoor sports. The BG 1801V shock resistant watch has stainless steel bezel and caseback. The BG 1801V Watch features auto calendar, countdown timer, luminescent backlight, multi function alarm, digital dial code and much more. Baby G BG 1801V Watch has black polyurethane selector buttons and features water resistant to 100 meters. The BG 1801V Watch has black band with steel accents and metal buckle. Baby G BG 1801V Watch’s case width is 3.5 cm and face height is 2 cm.

BG 1223G7V Watch
The BG 1223G7V wrist wear by Baby G is a digital watch, having white textured polyurethane case with a gold tone face plate. The BG 1223G7V casual watch is shock resistant and is designed for ladies. The BG 1223G7Vwrist watch features LED light, world time, day light saving on/off, auto calendar, stop watch and other functions. The Baby G 1223G7V watch’s stainless steel bezel is etched with ‘G’ in upper right hand corner. The BG 1223G7V watch has polyurethane selector buttons and steel caseback with four screws. The BG 1223G7V watch is water resistant to 200 meters. The BG 1223G7V watch is equipped with white textured strap with gold steel buckle. The BG 1223G7V cheap watch is priced for only $ 80.

Baby G wrist watches are a must have for the ladies as they add an extra bit of details to their attire. BabyG watches give a trendy look and make the wearer stand out from the crowd. This concept watch was born of a creative process that takes nothing for granted


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