Relojes Affluence, La marca De Relojes Affluence se encuentra localizada en Neuchatel en Suiza, cuna de la alta relojería, el catálogo de los relojes affluence esta basado en los relojes de última moda para hombre y mujer y ofrecen unos precios asequibles, un catálogo pleno de todo tipo de relojes han permitido a la marca una gran penetración en todo tipo de mercados.

Affluence Watch Company, located in Neuchatel, Switzerland, is known for its contemporary, beautiful and distinct Affluence watches that attract attention from all corners of the globe, while maintaining the correct time. Known for its opulence, Affluence goal is capturing the jewel of emotion while displaying the distinct character that has made the company famous. Their timepieces are created by craftsman whose goal is to incorporate their passion with a desire to create a watch that accompanies any outfit.

Their collection consists of eleven styles drawing inspiration from an amalgam of diverse influences.  Helois, named for a cornerstone in Greek theology, is a departure from traditional sportswear and luxury pieces, yet blends beautifully because of its inspiration, the classic pocket watch.  But reintroduced with a beautiful band of stainless steel. The Orion, is a water resistant, sapphire crystal chronograph piece that comes with a two year warranty.

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